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  • Unalac
    Unalac 25pts

    Hello and good day, everyone. I am Unalac, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in En...

  • Geleno
    Geleno 40pts

    Hello everyone! My name is Geleno. I believe you want to learn more about the English language. Thro...

  • Relicta
    Relicta 25pts

    Hello everyone, my name is Relicta. I am an education graduate, and I have been teaching here since ...

  • Simaru
    Simaru 25pts

    Hi, my name is Simaru. I've been teaching kids for quite some time. I am good at teaching children;...

  • Total
    Total 40pts

    Hello everybody! My name is Total, and I've been a teacher here since 2024. I love experiencing stor...

  • Salitap
    Salitap 25pts

    Hi, everyone! I am Salitap, a dedicated licensed professional teacher. I am very passionate about te...

  • Manaslu
    Manaslu 40pts

    Greetings! I am Manaslu. I'm a bright, cheerful person who is constantly ready to share knowledge an...

  • Polycan
    Polycan 40pts

    Hello Everyone! My name is Polycan. I hope you're excited as I am to embark on this incredible learn...

  • Camander
    Camander 40pts

    Hello there! I’m Camander, and I’ve been teaching here since 2024. I enjoy reading English books an...

  • Venclaw
    Venclaw 40pts

    "Hello! I am Venclaw, an education graduate, and I have been teaching here since 2024. My heart belo...



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